Remoted controlled AT-AT Walker (Xbox 360 controller)

Welcome to the AT-AT Project. I have combined an Arduino Uno, an Adafruit Servo Shield, Xbox 360 Controller, and a beat-up 1981 Kenner At-At Walker and the final result is the toy I always wanted when I was a kid. If you played with this toy growing up you will probably remember how clumsy it was and difficult to move around.

The goal of this project was to take my old beat up AT-AT Walker and make it walk. There were many different obstacles I had to overcome to complete the project such as quadrupedal movement, learning how to use an Arduino microcontroller, basic electronics and breadboarding, not damaging the plastic components of the toy during fabrication, configuring an Xbox controller to make the AT-AT move, etc...


Remote Control AT-AT Walker
Chin Guns
Chin Guns: Part Deux (Bluetooth)
AT-AT's First steps
AT-AT's First Full Body Walk
AT-AT Head Test
AT-AT Leg Test


AT-AT Walker

AT-AT Walkers on eBay
You can find an old AT-AT Walker on eBay. I wouldn't recommend using a mint condition walker. Find something old and beat up yet still functional.

Actobotics Structural Parts

Hitec Standard Hub Horn x 4
90 Degree Single Angle Channel Bracket x 6
Flat Dual Channel Bracket x 6
Standard Servo Plate C x 4
3.00'' Aluminum Channel x 2
4.50'' Aluminum Channel x 1
Dual Screw Plate x 6
Servo Shaft Hub
2.31'' Aluminum Beams x 13
Standard Servo Blocks Kit x 4


Arduino Uno
This is the microcontroller that will contain the software to actually make the walker move. These can be found on various sites. You can find Ardunio Unos here.


Hitec Servos 485 HB x 9
6'' Servo Extensions x 9

Spacers, Screws, Washers, and Nuts

Spacers .25'' x 16, 1.00" x 8
6-32 Nuts, #6 Standard Washers, 6-32 Screws
I recommend purchasing these items at your local hardware store.

Servo Shield and Shield Components

Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Shield x 1
Female DC Power adapter - 2.1mm jack to screw terminal block x 1
5V 10A switching power supply
You will need this to supply more 5v power to your 9 servos. Unfortunately 4 AA batteries won't do the trick.


You will use the IDE that comes with this download to write your source code to make the walker head and body move.
This software will help your Xbox controller communicate with your Arduino via serial input.
Xpadder (Windows)
This software will help map your Xbox controller to the keys on your keyboard so they can be processed to the Arduino. I used this on Windows and the next item in the list I used on my Mac.
Joystick Mapper (Mac)
This is the software I used on my Mac to map my Xbox 360 controller.


Phillips Head Screw Driver (6-32 screws)
Wrench to fit your 6-32 nuts
Soldering Iron
Mini Hacksaw

Future Work

I will continue updating this project with new features. A few items I have planned and started working on are:
  1. Wireless control
  2. Camera mounted to head
  3. Movement and control of the cannons (underneath head and on the side)
  4. Vertical movement of the head. Horizontal movement is completed.

About Me

My name is Dave Stein. I am a software engineer during the day who likes to tinker with Arduino projects in the evening. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh and I am also an avid sports fan who loves to play basketball and spend quality time with the family. #H2P

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